Quick Easy Insurance Claims Processing


Putting Your Insurance to Work for You.

The process of filing a claim to your insurance company can be an overwhelming endeavor. At Phoenix Public Adjusters we have developed a step by step process to remove all of your worry and get you the maximum return from your insurance company.



We will file your claim with your insurance company along with our Letter of Representation, which authorizes us to represent you.


We will schedule an inspection with the insurance company adjuster to review your loss. This will be scheduled at a time convenient to you. Of course, one of our adjusters will attend.


We will prepare an estimate of damages and provide that to the insurance company, along with all other required documentation. We may need to contact you for additional documentation or information and generally do that by email or telephone. Please check your spam folder for emails and status reports we may send you regarding your claims process.


We have requested that your insurance company conduct all contact through our office, if they contact you refer please refer them to us.

At Phoenix Public Adjusters we understand and empathize with the emotional toll that a fire takes on your life. After a fire, trying to remember every item you had in your household is nearly impossible and your insurance company will not offer you any assistance. They will send you some inventory forms and leave it up to you to fend for yourself. It is also important to keep in mind the water damage caused by fighting a fire. When fire damage occurs, many city and municipal services get involved. Property owners are inundated with questions and do not know how to properly respond. Please, after you call 911, call us. We will assist you with the fire, smoke, water, dry out and mold remediation and housing / hotel accommodations in the interim.

A water loss is a sudden and unexpected disaster that can happen at any time. Water loss and water damage includes burst/broken pipes, water entering from an opening in structure, leaks from appliances and hot water heaters, and sewage backup. These types of losses are generally covered in a typical Texas homeowner’s insurance policy (Texas Homeowners Form A does not cover these losses without an endorsement). Insurance claims for these types of losses are the most common for the insurance industry, which means that the method of adjusting these types of losses is important.

Every year the east coast is susceptible to hurricanes and other major storms. At Phoenix Public Adjusters we are sympathetic to the effects that a hurricane can have on your home, business, and most importantly, your life. It can be very confusing to home and business owners to know what your policy covers. Hurricane, wind, and floods all fall under different parts of your insurance policy. Give Phoenix Public Adjusters a call now to differentiate between your coverage and make sure you are protected!

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